Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello, welcome to the beginning of your Advanced Placement Biology experience!  You have already picked up your summer homework, turned in your A.P. Biology Class Contract and accepted the invitation to participate in this class blog.     This summer you will be contributing to this class blog and reading the book, "Survival of the Sickest," which you can find through the library or on-line.  Looking forward to meeting you!  Read the instructions for both summer assignments carefully.  This summer you will delve into the world of biology like you never thought you would in those hot months! We will explore many topics to whet your appetite for the coming year of hard work.  These summer assignments have been designed for five purposes:

  1. to get you to think during these summer months to keep your mind sharp, because I will expect a lot out of it come September!
  2. to expand your vocabulary by familiarizing you with terms that we will be using in class.
  3. to introduce you to major concepts from AP Biology through alternative methods of learning.
  4. to have you earn some strong grades to help you begin the first quarter with confidence.
  5. to decrease the amount of new material that you will have to learn during the school year. 
Mrs. Deeds 

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