Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Assignment Update

Hello!  Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!   We have decided to adopt the new 9th edition Campbell Biology Textbook (AP Edition).   ISBN-10: 0321558235   This is a textbook that is commonly used in university biology courses throughout the United States.   If you are planning on majoring in biology you may consider purchasing a used book on amazon, however, they are 105$ used.   Science college textbooks are pricey!   You will be able to borrow a textbook this year - if you choose not get your own copy.  They run about $165 to replace if lost.   

Everyone needs to purchase a study guide for the AP Biology exam.   Be sure to get one that has been matched for the new AP Biology curriculum for 2013.  I was looking on Amazon and saw only one new 2013 version that won't be out until September,  so it will be fine if you don't have the new study guide until this Fall.   This will be the first year that the new curriculum and test will be run.   The new course contains challenging content as usual and more inquiry and lab experience.   Due to the additional lab time, your prior knowledge of biology and chemistry will become even more important.

If you haven't read "Survival of the Sickest" by Dr. Sharon Moalem be sure to get a start on that.  I found it to be a very interesting read and finished it in only a couple of days.  The book really got me excited to be teaching AP Biology this year.  I saw some great examples of the biology collections posted on the blog.  Keep up the great work!  This summer is a great time to get a head start on learning and reviewing some vocabulary for next year.  Try to stretch yourself and use some of the vocabulary words you may not already be familiar with.  

I took a vacation to Washington D.C. over the last two weeks and had a fantastic time, but now I will be around and checking both my email and blog on a regular basis.   

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