Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brooke (gator54), photos 1-18

Animal with a segmented body: Ants are one of the many animals with segmented bodies 

 Picture of the anther &filament of stamen in the center of the pedals

the cuticle layer of a plant is the waxy/waterproof coating on the leaf

Frond: a plant like a fern that has many divisions

gymnosperm leaf: example of this would be the pine tree needles

gymnosperm cone: this is an example of a male cone. a vascular plant having seeds that are not enclosed in an ovary;

a small example of lichen, it grows on trees along with fungus

Pollen: this isnt a good picture, but the pollen is located in the center of this flower and is used to pollinate other flowers

adaptations of animals: dogs have sharp teeth to eat meats, and dogs like mine have coats that repel water

my horse is a heterotroph because he cant make his own food to eat, he has to eat what is present

autotroph: this plant makes its own food

Epithelial tissue: the outer most layer of tissue-skin

Territorial behavior: my dog gets protective of our house and will get agressive twards anyone that goes near the door

Seed dispersal: one way seeds gets dispersed is through animals. my dogs love to do that by eatting apples

Bilateral symmetry: my dog has bilateral symmetry since both sides of her face are the same

Xylem is in the stem of the plan and carries water

Phloem: transports nurtients to the plant

Calvin cycle: this plan uses photosynthesis to produce glucose, this is part of the Calvin cycle


  1. I like all of your pictures, very good job. I do have several questions on your explanations.
    "gymnosperm leaf: example of this would be the pine tree needles." What exactly differentiates gymnosperm leaves from angiosperm leaves and how do the pine needles exhibit this trait?
    "Picture of the anther & filament of stamen in the center of the petals." What exactly are the anther and filament, which is which, and what are their functions?

  2. Epithelial tissue: I'm a little confused on this one, whether you meant to draw focus to the Florida jacket or your hand? Just slightly confusing. Very nice pictures, well done!

  3. "Gymnosperm leaf: example of this would be the pine tree needles" Good example but what exactly is a gymnosperm?

  4. "autotroph: this plant makes its own food"
    how exactly does an autotroph make its own food?