Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joseph Comstock, Photos 1-10

Bilateral Symmetry: This African Ciclid has whats known as bilateral symmetry. If looked upon from its central axis both sides are exactly alike. This is Bilateral Symmetry.
Exoskeleton: The spider in the background has whats known as an exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is the hard outer shell that provides support, and protection for the spider.
Taiga Biome: Evergreen coniferous forest dominated by firs and spruces. 
Pollinator: These bees are pollinators. They are the agent that moves pollen from the male anther to the female stigma. This pollinates the flower, and completes fertilization.
Flower Ovary: A flower ovary is the female reproductive system of a flower. This peach is a ripened flower ovary.
Genetically Modified Organism: This corn is not natural corn. This corn's genes have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. 
Pollen: (in the crevasses of the small letters) Pollen is the male gametes for seed bearing plants.
It is a fine powder produced in the anther.

ATP: The ATP in this tomato plant is produced in the cristae of the mitochondria, and chloroplasts. 
Lichen: Lichen is when a fungus grows symbiotically with algae. This results in the composite organism lichen.
Animal with a segmented body: (Pine beetle close to thumb shadow) Arthropods are animals with a segmented body. They have different body segments abdomen etc. held together by an exoskeleton.

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