Friday, August 31, 2012

Kelsea Willenbrock photos 14-18

Rhizome: This ginger plant is a rhizome because it is a root like plant that grows horizontally underground.

Detritovore: a detritovore is an animal that feeds on detritus, or disintegrated material, like the crab that these crab legs came from.

Exoskeleton:  these oysters have an exoskeleton, or a hard outer covering that encloses the muscles and organs.

Lipid used for energy storage:  lipids function in the long term storage of energy, insulation and control. Oil is made up of lipids.

Endosperm:  an endosperm provides nutrients to the developing embryo, like this bean.

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  1. What exactly are Lipids? Are they a part of a cell or a type of cell? -Kristen East