Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joseph Comstock, Photos 31-40

 Biological Magnification: Biological Magnification is when a toxin (or other substance) starts at the bottom of the food chain and works its way up. This is a picture of a hawk. (It is just to the left of my thumb.) Say that there is a low amount of toxin in the water near this hawk. So the krill start with a low amount of this toxin, then shrimp eat the krill, salmon eat the shrimp, and the hawk eats the salmon. Every step of this the toxin is increased because the predators do not just eat one, they eat as many as they can. This results in the hawk having a high concentration of the toxin.
 Cambium: The cambium is a thin layer of plant tissue that creates new cells on both sides of it. This is seen here in this wood round, where the thin, dark lines are at.
 K-Stratagest: K-Stratagests are organisms that have a (relatively) long life span, do not have many offspring, can mate more than once, and grow to a large size. A dog fits these requirements, as do animals like humans, and elephants.
 Detrivore: A Detrivore is an organism that feeds on decomposing plant, and animal matter. Some examples are earthworms, beetles, and dung flies. 
 Mycelium: The threads of fungi are called hypahe, and many of these threads put together is called mycelium. The small white areas are clumps of mycelium.
 Tropism: Tropism is when a plant repositions itself towards the sun. As seen in this photo all of the rose bushes are leaning towards the sun.
 Modified Root of a Plant: A modified root of a plant is when the root of a plant has changed over time to benefit the plant. This is the stump of a fur tree, but below the stump the roots spread out wide horizontally with a shoot going straight down. The reason for this is stability. This is how the tree can make its best bet that it wont fall over. Without this it would not be able to grow so tall.
Auxin Producing Area of a Plant: The Auxin producing are of a plant is where it is growing, hence auxin being a growth hormone. On this plant it is in the white developing stem.
Meristem: Meristem is the area of the plant that is TBD. It is undefined cells that are still growing. In this shoot it is in the very tip.
R-Stratagest: An R-Stratagist has a very short life span, reproduces once, is very small, and have many offspring. House flies are the perfect example of an R-Stratagist, along with most small organisms.

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