Friday, August 31, 2012

Kelsea Willenbrock photos 27-32

Long day plant: clover is a long day plant because it requires long amounts of sunlight in order to flower.

Spore: a spore is a seed, which is the reproductive structure of the plant which are developed to be dispersed by the wind.

Seed dispersal: seed dispersal is the process in which seeds are spread throughout the environment by the wind or by being carried by another animal. The seeds on this fern will most likely be carried by the wind.

Gametophyte: moss is a gametophyte because it produces gametes, or haploid reproductive cells.

Amniotic egg: a liquid filled sac in which the embryo of a bird or reptile develpos, that allows vertebrates to reproduce on land. 

Unicellular organism: a unicellular organism is an organism with only one cell, or more commonly known as bacteria. This clorox spray gets rid of bacteria around your house.

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